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Sugar Pop Dreamland Encyclopedia: Sweetie Corn
Sweetie Corns are borne of the trees that exist in Sugar Pop Dreamland. The trees all bear candy fruit which falls to the ground once it ripens. Typically 1 of every 10 fruits that drops bears a seed. If the seed manages to germinate in the ground, it becomes a new tree. However if it's been consumed by a Sweetie Corn it will germinate within the Sweetie Corn causing it to become impregnated. The resulting birth will be another Sweetie Corn.
Most of the Sweetie Corns which have been sited have been seen lurking around the Forest of Sweets which is where the name comes from. The few that have been spotted in other realms of the Dreamland have often been referred to simply as Candy Corns. (There has been great debate by researchers as to the proper name, but the belief is that while Sweetie Corn is the proper name, Candy Corn is acceptable.)
There is a rumour that the Queen Constance of the Nightmare Kingdom has a Licorice Candy Corn as a dark sweet smelling creature has been sighted lur
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Fox/Kitsune Adoptable TAKEN by gothicsugarbabies Fox/Kitsune Adoptable TAKEN :icongothicsugarbabies:gothicsugarbabies 6 3 Blue Wolf Adopt v2. OPEN by gothicsugarbabies Blue Wolf Adopt v2. OPEN :icongothicsugarbabies:gothicsugarbabies 2 4 Skunk Adoptable #1 by gothicsugarbabies Skunk Adoptable #1 :icongothicsugarbabies:gothicsugarbabies 1 0 Character Adoptable: blue wolf Open by gothicsugarbabies Character Adoptable: blue wolf Open :icongothicsugarbabies:gothicsugarbabies 0 1 Hello, dA by gothicsugarbabies Hello, dA :icongothicsugarbabies:gothicsugarbabies 0 0



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Alicia Michelle
United States
Adoptable Maker Stamp by Sky-Yoshi

I’m Alicia Michelle, also :icongothicsugar: & :iconzentora:
A lot of my adoptables are original species and the only way to get them is to adopt them directly from me. Many of the animals that you’ll see are from a place called Sugar Pop Dreamland that has existed in my head for a very long time. Right now it and the people and creatures that live there are the most dominant subjects in my art. Thus, Sugar Pop Dreamland is an actual art series that I’m hoping to make a bit more interactive.
About me & my adoptables
Most of the adoptables I’m offering are for money only. To find out if you can use points, read the description. With that being said, all Sugar Pop Dreamland species’ are for real money only.

I do not use other people's line art or bases. All bases are my own and are not for free use unless listed in the line art folder. *I don't have anything against bases, I'm just saying.*
I also like to make sparkledogs (guilty pleasure) and hybrid animals. But I also do regular animal species as well, so those will also be available.
I really want to make a living as an artist and designer as well as a librarian, so a lot of the money I make is going to go toward grad school and finding a place to live. I graduated in 2011 with a BA in English. I run an online store called Sugar Pop Dreams which is named after Sugar Pop Dreamland.
Adoptable TOS

Things you can do

★Resell your adoptable for the amount that you paid for it
★Change the name of your adoptable to something more suitable to your taste
★Make minor changes to the designs of your closed species (name,gender)
★Make any changes to other species I have listed/open species
★repost the original art of the adoptable on your site(s) with credit
★draw, commisson, invest in your adoptable without credit (I only take credit for the initial 
art and design that I did.)
★Trade things for adoptables. I like stuff. 
★Kill off your adoptable AFTER you've developed the character
★purchase an adoptable via paypal

Things you can not do
★Resell your adoptable for more than what you paid for it
★Kill off your adoptable the second you got it. DEVELOP the character first.
★Make major changes to the design of your closed species
★Breed a closed species
★use my art without credit
★assume adoptables are free and just take them. I'll have freebies, but they'll be noted
★use my lineart; it is not for free use
★Swipe my designs for other things (If you like a design or color scheme, just ask me. I 
may be willing to let you use it, or help you do something similar.)
★send payments via paypal as a gift or pay as goods instead of services. I will refuse your 
funds & or refund your money minus paypal fees 
(This goes for commissions as well.)

Please understand
Sugar Pop Dreamland is a legitimate art project that I have been working on for years. I decided that I wanted people to know more about it and as a result figured that adoptables would be a good way to get people interested. 

The animals that are closed species are mostly those from Sugar Pop Dreamland. I don't care about what your opinions are on closed species, I just ask that you respect my posting them as such. For now, I'm only posting Panwalla and Sweetie Corns.


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